Laboratory & HazMat / CBRN

Laboratory & HazMat / CBRN

Rugged laboratory CCTV for biohazard facilities & other IP68 environments

Our redeployable CCTV systems are ideally suited for use in laboratory scenarios where there is a requirement for high specification video surveillance which does not negatively impact controlled environments.

The equipment allows specialists to carefully observe laboratory activity for the purposes of process control, evidence documentation, health & safety, or where human presence is a danger to health or would interfere with test environments.

Our products have proved effective in scientific laboratories, observation rooms, animal health monitoring suites and biohazard containment facilities where the equipment must perform highly for extended periods and be sufficiently robust to be thoroughly cleaned with high-grade solvents to ensure the removal of pathogens or otherwise harmful substances.

Revader Security’s CCTV products are rigorously tested to IP67/68 environmental standards before leaving our factory.

Our specialist laboratory CCTV solutions offer all of the same high specification video capabilities included as standard with all Revader Security products, including the latest 360 degree and PTZ cameras, an impressive video storage capacity, remote monitoring, scalability, and powerful, easy to use video management software.

Why Revader Security?

  • We are known for producing among the most technically advanced redeployable CCTV products available on the market, combining cutting-edge video electronics with defence-grade mechanical design.
  • All products are expertly constructed from the highest quality, durable materials and ruggedised to operate in challenging environments.
  • Every product is individually tested to rigorous standards before leaving our factory, and covered by a comprehensive warranty.
  • Our expert engineers provide remote and on-site technical support to all customers.
  • We have over a decade’s experience of producing the highest specification CCTV equipment and supporting customers in government, law enforcement and a wide range of industries.
  • Revader Security offers an uncompromising commitment to helping customers deliver results, while offering unrivalled value for money.

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