Redeployable CCTV for Police and Law Enforcement

Revader Security provides redeployable CCTV for police and other agencies facing surveillance challenges in both urban and rural locations.

Proven to secure prosecutions, reduce crime and help create safer neighbourhoods, our mobile CCTV towers and range of video surveillance solutions help to tackle anti-social behaviour, vandalism, fly tipping, robbery, drug dealing, burglary, traffic offences and a range of other crimes committed in the public space. They are also suitable for counter-terrorism applications.

Flexible to your requirements, our redeployable camera systems are straightforward to install virtually anywhere and can be rapidly repositioned in new locations according to demand. They are therefore equally suited to serve as temporary CCTV for specific law enforcement operations, or as semi-permanent fixtures, enabling police forces to intensely target crime hotspots as they emerge and change over time.

The products are also sought-after for the purposes of command and control, incident management, evidence capture, remote surveillance of hazardous situations and for the safety of officers.

At a fraction of the overall cost of fixed CCTV cameras, Revader Security’s range of products represent a high quality, durable and long-lasting alternative to the commercial CCTV equipment commonly available on the market.

However, our redeployable solutions can be easily integrated with the vast majority of existing CCTV systems, where they can be operated from central CCTV control rooms alongside traditional fixed cameras. Each product can also be used to capture, record and transmit video footage on a standalone basis or as part of a separate network of cameras and peripherals.

Our Galaxy and Spartan mobile CCTV towers are complete surveillance, recording and remote monitoring solutions, ideal for deployment into situations where little or no existing infrastructure is present (including power). The allow authorities to respond rapidly to the immediate surveillance requirements of a developing incident and can host a range of different camera types, to enable users to monitor large areas without blind spots.

Our mobile CCTV towers are also available without cameras for integration into existing surveillance configurations, especially for the purposes of automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) and traffic control initiatives where customers wish to use their existing cameras and technologies. All products can also be leased or rented from us as part of our CCTV rental service.

As a case study, why not find out how we helped Sussex Police to implement mobile CCTV across their patch.

Why Revader Security?

  • We are known for producing among the most technically advanced redeployable CCTV products available on the market, combining cutting-edge video electronics with defence-grade mechanical design.
  • All products are expertly constructed from the highest quality, durable materials and ruggedised to operate in challenging environments.
  • Every product is individually tested to rigorous standards before leaving our factory, and covered by a comprehensive warranty.
  • Our expert engineers provide remote and on-site technical support to all customers.
  • We have over a decade’s experience of producing the highest specification CCTV equipment and supporting customers in government, law enforcement and a wide range of industries.
  • Revader Security offers an uncompromising commitment to helping customers deliver results, while offering unrivalled value for money.

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