Transit PTZ

A unique redeployable CCTV solution that delivers live and recorded HD footage over wired, wireless and mobile networks. Powered by any mains or 12V source & engineered to withstand the most extreme environments.

Product Information

The Transit PTZ is a compact professional CCTV solution which has been proven to deter crime, secure prosecutions through video evidence and provide surveillance in a highly cost-effective manner, unmatched by traditional CCTV systems which incur large infrastructure, human and maintenance costs.

Flexible to your requirements, the Transit PTZ is straightforward to install in virtually any location, and can be rapidly repositioned to respond to changing security demands. Video footage is saved to on-board edge storage, can be controlled and monitored via a low-bandwidth link, and downloaded remotely in HD quality via wired, wireless and mobile networks.

Transit PTZ units are able to operate from mains, battery and a variety of renewable sources such as solar panels and turbines. The products are able to operate on a standalone basis or can be networked together and controlled from any number of remote locations. They also perform highly when integrated into existing CCTV systems and interface with a range of video management software (VMS) platforms.


The Transit PTZ is available in two versions:

Network + WiFi + 3G + 4G: a sim card is used to transmit data from remote locations to any web-enabled PC.

Network & WiFi only: for a secure cable transmission to a local network or PC/laptop.

Optional Extras:


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