Galaxy CCTV Tower

A robust, towable mobile CCTV tower which accommodates our full range of camera, sensor, recording and wireless transmission technologies.

Product Information

Our Galaxy mobile CCTV tower is a complete surveillance, recording and remote monitoring solution, ideal for deployment into situations where little or no existing infrastructure is present.

It is perfectly suited both as a cost effective site security solution (in car parks, at construction sites or remote locations) - and for for large area surveillance at public events such as concerts and festivals in open spaces. It also allows authorities to respond rapidly to the immiediate surveillance requirements of a developing incident.

Flexible to your requirements, the Galaxy Tower is towable by vehicle and is straightforward to install in virtually any location, able to be rapidly repositioned to respond to changing security demands. 

This all-in-one solution can host a range of different PTZ and 360 degree camera types, to enable users to monitor large areas without blind spots. Video footage is saved to on-board edge storage, can be controlled and monitored via a low-bandwidth link, and downloaded remotely in HD quality via wired, wireless and mobile networks.

The Galaxy Tower is able to operate from mains, 110V AC input, lead acid batteries, diesel generators or fuel cells, and a variety of renewable sources such as solar panels and turbines. It is able to operate on a standalone basis or can be integrated as part of a broader CCTV network and controlled from multiple remote locations. A range of video management software (VMS) platforms are supported.


The Galaxy tower is available to purchase with or without our redeployable surveillance equipment, but we typically provide:

Cameras and interfaces:
4x 4 megapixel cameras total 360° x 30M IR
4x PIRs
1x PTZ 2Mp camera, 20x optical zoom - 100M with IR
External Loudspeaker

Recording & Connectivity
Up to 2658 x 1520 (4Mp) all cameras, dual stream, variable bit rate
2-way audio
Storage as required, 2TB minimum
WiFi 2.4GHz & 5GHz, 3/4G
Wavestore VMS installed as standard - but a variety of other platforms are supported

Power Options

110V AC 1 day failover: Basic power option with internal lead acid battery for failover.

110V AC 4 day failover: Internal lead acid batteries to provide up to 4 days' continuous monitoring and recording without external power. Includes Zig controller/charger for 24/7 operation.

Generator: Internal diesel generator with electric start and lead acid reservoir batteries.

Fuel Cell: Internal EFOY fuel cell with Zig controller, 50 litre fuel tank and auxiliary 110VAC input

Optional Extras:

Wireless mesh - up to 20 cameras
ANPR camera
External microphone
Flood lights (motion detection)
Revader GSM Power Switch


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