We provide a range of accessories, which are compatible with all Revader products and are fully supported when used as part of an integrated video security network. We are also able to produce accessory parts bespoke to customer requirements.

External Mains Power Supply Unit

  • Used alongside Transit units when they are required to be powered by mains electricity (e.g. from existing street lighting).
  • Rated to IP67 (submergible in 1m water) so can be used alongside all Transit products in any environment.
  • Rapid deployment to existing infrastructure & re-deploy within minutes
  • Compact design: easily accompanies Transit units without being burdensome

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GSM Power Packs

  • Ideal for when Transit units are required for extended operating hours, in locations where alternative power sources are unavailable
  • Allows Transit product to be strategically placed in situ ahead of planned event (e.g. protest, rally, public meeting)
  • Supply to the product controlled on command from a GSM signal initiated from the Revader mobile app

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RF Power Switch

  • Activates and deactivates Transit units on command to conserve the life of the internal battery.
  • Allows for strategic deployment of Transit models for predetermined events such as parades and protest marches. When activated, the fully charged internal battery powers the units for up to 9 hours.
  • Switched on from a location up to 50m away, using pre-programmable key fobs.

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  • Insulates Transit and Tuu units from high ambient temperatures.
  • Creates barrier between Transit product and direct sunlight.
  • Design of heat shield encourages active internal convection, introducing cooler air at the bottom of the unit and removing warm air from the top. The hotter the ambient conditions, the greater the convection and subsequent cooling effect.
  • Easy to install on location without the need for specialised skills or tools.

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WiFi Kit

  • Includes two transmitter/ receiver units which provide connectivity for line of sight communications
  • Powered from the Transit unit, the kit is suitable for transmission within a 3km range

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External Loudspeaker

  • IP67 rated external speaker for public address applications
  • Unit is designed to be pole mounted along with Revader Transit products
  • Can run for a limited time off the Transit unit's internal battery with the use of a power splitter (sold separately)

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Mounting Brackets

  • Easy installation where standard wall mount fixture is not applicable
  • Anodised for external use to stop rust forming
  • Comes complete with screws and bolts for ease of installation - no training necessary

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Galaxy Tower

  • A durable, mobile CCTV tower with a collapsible mast which accommodates the full Revader Security product range for situations where little or no existing infrastructure is present.
  • Perfectly suited for large public events, industrial parks, construction sites, housing estates and car parks.
  • Fully customisable to your bespoke requirements.

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