PowerPak Redeployable CCTV Battery Packs

A ruggedised professional redeployable power reserve which can be used alongside a range of CCTV cameras, PoE devices and auxilliary equipment. Each unit is easy to install and can be repositioned according to user demands.

Our PowerPak CCTV battery packs have been specifically designed to power standard or PoE cameras, NVRs and auxilliary devices in scenarios where there is no power source, or where the source is interrupted – for example, daylight saving lampposts which are often inoperable for up to 18 hours in any 24 hour period.

Revader Security’s PowerPak products have a rechargeable high energy capacity ranging from 400 to 2000 Watt-hours. The internal power resource manager provides for rapid recharging.

PowerPaks (for Transits) provide a single fixed DC output supply specifically designed for use with the Revader Transit range. PowerPaks (configurable) provide two DC output rails simultaneously, each rail factory configurable between 12-50VDC, to power a range of cameras, NVRs, and other auxiliary devices.

Fitted with our unique EasyFit stainless steel bracket system, the PowerPak is ideal for rapid redeployment. However, it can also be permanently secured to poles, walls, fences or trees.

All PowerPak CCTV battery packs are individually tested to rigorous IP67 environmental standards before leaving our factory.

They are also available with a GSM switch for remote operation via the Revader Security mobile app.

Available in two versions:

For Transits: specifically designed for use alongside the Transit range of redeployable cameras from Revader Security.

Configurable: for use with third party equipment.


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