Powering the next generation of mobile CCTV

Powering the next generation of mobile CCTV

Revader Security has announced a vastly extended battery life and remote power control capability for its range of redeployable CCTV solutions.

Responding to an increased demand from law enforcement, local councils and event managers, Revader Security has introduced upgrades to its existing product range to improve power consumption and control.

Consistent with the company’s promise to incorporate the latest technologies into its product design, Revader Security has capitalised on the advent of new long-life Lithium-Ion batteries. The layout of the electronic components inside the unit has also been reconfigured to accommodate larger batteries without compromising on overall product dimensions.

The Transit product range can now perform continuously for up to 9 hours of operation as standard from the internal battery, and the addition of a remote Revader RF Power Switch enables users to power the units on and off according to demand, therefore conserving battery life before or after a pre-determined event.

These innovations enable users to operate a compact redeployable unit from the standard internal battery alone – far superior to the typical redeployable camera on the market. For CCTV operators, this characteristic could mean the difference between only using redeployable units for specific events to more routine day/night-long deployment without fear of battery depletion.

A long internal battery life is a distinct advantage in itself, but adding external batteries and a range of renewable sources like turbines and solar cells can enable the units to operate for considerably longer – theoretically for months or even years, given optimal conditions.

One such device is the Revader GSM power pack, which augments battery life for a further 96 hours (or 4 days’ continuous recording). This capability makes the redeployable units ideal for use in situations where power is non-existent or unreliable, such as rural locations, large open spaces, or at concerts and festivals where an intensive yet short term surveillance requirement exists.

Working in conjunction with the Revader Power Control mobile app, operators are able to turn the GSM power pack on and off from any remote location, so that the units can be positioned in situ prior to a pre-determined event without wasting valuable battery life or requiring human attendance nearby. This, combined with intermittent renewable sources, can dramatically extend the readiness to respond.

The company is looking forward to demonstrating its full range of redeployable CCTV products and accessories at a number of security industry events throughout the year.

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