Mobile CCTV cameras are a proven solution to the scourge of fly tipping

Mobile CCTV cameras are a proven solution to the scourge of fly tipping

Last year, local authorities in England alone dealt with over 1 million incidents of illegal fly tipping – an occurrence that has been increasing year on year, at a cost of almost £60 million to the public purse.

Type “fly tipping” into Google News and you are likely to find a string of stories from local and national press covering particularly severe incidents from just the last few days.

The Department for the Environment tell us that public highways are the most common place for fly tipping to occur, and the majority of instances of offending concern relatively small volumes of rubbish, ranging from between a “car boot full” to a “small van load”. Perhaps surprisingly, over two thirds of all fly tipped material is household rather than commercial waste.

It is not always a crime that is being committed by professional criminals – but nevertheless, it has proved difficult to deter and even harder to prosecute.

Successful prosecutions can result in fines of up to £50,000 or even 5 years in prison.

The difficulty, though, is obtaining evidence which shows beyond reasonable doubt who was responsible for committing the crime. Offenders commonly know the quiet, often rural roads where they are likely not to be spotted and where they know that CCTV cameras did not exist on advance visits.

But often these offenders haven’t accounted for the fact that local councils are increasingly opting to act smart by using redeployable fly tipping CCTV cameras, which don’t require new physical infrastructure, wiring or lighting to be put in place (which comes at great cost, and results in a very overt camera placement).

Fly tipping CCTV cameras produced by Revader Security can help combat illegal dumping by capturing the vital video footage required for prosecutions – usually facial images and car registration numbers.

The cameras are commonly used on a rotational basis at known tipping locations to catch unsuspecting offenders. Alternatively, they can be used as part of a reactionary strategy – placing them overtly at existing tipping sites to deter further abuse.

The lightweight redeployable cameras work in day and night conditions, are powered by existing street lighting or their own dedicated battery and can be installed on posts, buildings or even trees in a matter of minutes. What’s more, they are fully weatherproof and, in the event that offenders identify the cameras, are resistant to vandalism and even shotgun fire.

The redeployable cameras can be remotely monitored via mobile data link by nearby enforcement teams or in central CCTV control rooms, with video footage available for rapid download for evidential purposes.

Revader Security’s range of fly tipping CCTV solutions are ideal for local authority, police and commercial customers seeking to address this growing problem while minimising costs.

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