Building the future of CCTV: mobile cameras for site security

Building the future of CCTV: mobile cameras for site security

Every year in the UK alone, construction sites are hit by over 6000 separate break-ins, which result in vandalism, tool and plant theft, metal theft, vehicle damage, and compromise the safety and security of building projects.

In over 50% of cases, thieves and vandals gain entry to building sites because perimeters are not secure, or intruders use force – including cutting padlocks, breaking windows and destroying fences.

By their very nature, construction sites are temporary – so too often contractors dismiss the notion of installing fixed building site CCTV systems, which incur a very high cost, require days of installation and produce excess cabling and infrastructure.

Even those that do deploy traditional CCTV are rendered unable to fully monitor their site, as intruders know where cameras are fixed and probe blind spots. When site operators want to refocus their surveillance efforts, they find that re-configuring their CCTV system incurs yet further high costs and intruders still find other ways of gaining entry.

Man guarding is an alternative method. Firms have long used a human security presence to deter would-be intruders. But again, it is costly, and only effective in isolated instances as intruders get to know where guards are regularly positioned. Successful intruders also benefit from not leaving evidential footage of their break-in.

Increasingly, construction firms and security operators are acting smart by using redeployable cameras and mobile CCTV towers to secure building sites against intruders. Being able to move the devices from one position to another within minutes enables operators to focus resources on weak spots as they emerge and change over time.

A redeployable surveillance system,  such as Revader Security’s range of cameras and towers, enables customers to buy fewer devices to monitor the same area, and hardly any cabling or infrastructure is necessary. The cost-saving is huge, and security operators benefit from enhanced, targeted coverage.

Mobile CCTV hire for eventsRevader Security’s range of redeployable cameras and mobile CCTV towers can be used in isolation, or as part of a CCTV network of individual cameras, towers and sensors distributed around a site and controlled and viewed from a central control room, a remote computer or laptop, or even a mobile phone. A variety of on-board analytical tools can also be employed to enhance the detection of crime.

Our rapid deployment CCTV products are straightforward to install virtually anywhere and are designed to operate in hazardous and harsh environments. They are impervious to water, dust, shock, vibration and high impact, and can be powered from virtually any source (for example, mains, battery or generator). Our diesel-powered mobile CCTV tower can run for over 30 days on one tank of fuel and can be remotely monitored for fuel level, battery charge and generator power scheduling, via our power management mobile app.

Crucially, products are specially designed so that continuous monitoring and recording can take place even through periods of power shutdown or failure.

We are also finding that construction firms wish to use redeployable cameras for purposes of health and safety compliance, project management and process control, so that companies can enhance worker productivity, better oversee the progress of works, produce evidence during legal proceedings or to provide customer satisfaction.

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