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For over ten years, Revader Security has produced a range of high-specification video solutions for use in the most challenging security and surveillance scenarios. 

Our products have been used by government for open-space CCTV and secure site surveillance, law enforcement to combat crime in high-risk hotspots, and a range of private organisations to protect vital assets in office, factory, laboratory and hazardous outdoor environments.  Revader redeployable products have also proved effective for event CCTV, where a high demand exists over a short time frame.

Our mantra has always been to innovate beyond the boundaries of technical possibility while driving down costs to the end-user, an approach which is clear to see in our latest range of redeployable video solutions.

Security redesigned

Utilising the very latest in video technologies, Revader products are engineered to defence-level specifications from blueprint to production, and are able to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. Our products are straightforward to install in any location, and can be rapidly repositioned to respond to changing security demands. Video footage is saved to on-board edge storage, can be monitored via a low-bandwidth link, and downloaded remotely in HD quality via wired, wireless and mobile networks. The products can also connect through a wireless mesh and other wireless network configurations.

This redeployable capability provides end-users with the ability to tackle issues at source with minimal planning and equipment, and delivers a significant cost saving when compared to conventional CCTV, which incurs large infrastructure, human and maintenance costs and cannot be reconfigured at short notice.

End-user flexibility is further enhanced by a variety of power options, with units able to operate from mains, battery, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and a variety of renewable sources such as solar panels and turbines. Revader units are able to operate on a standalone basis or can be networked together and controlled from any number of remote locations. They also perform highly when integrated into existing CCTV systems.

Our capabilities

Revader Security's engineering experience has been utilised to produce high-end equipment which stays reliable against the odds. All products are designed in line with ISO9001:2008 quality standards and can be engineered to conform to exacting specifications, including EMC Land Class A and a variety of DEFSTAN and MIL-SPEC defence standards. Similarly, we can undertake a broad range of bespoke modifications to our standard products to suit customer requirements.

Such is our confidence in our products, we provide worldwide customer support and an all-inclusive return-to-base warranty as standard with all purchases. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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